Wednesday, August 21, 2019
The Boykin Brothers Plant is PCI Certified

Certified For A Reason - When it comes to quality, why take chances?

Louisiana Concrete Products has been plant certified for almost 35 years through the Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute’s PCI Plant Certification Program.  Since September 27, 1967, LCP has demonstrated the commitment to quality principles and practices through a 120-point audit examination of all aspects of the plant operation including engineering practices and management.

PCI Certification Product Group and Categories

Group A – Architectural Products Group C – Commercial (Structural)

Category AT
Architectural Trim Units:  Wet-cast, non-prestresed products with a high standard of finish quality and of relatively small size that can be installed with equipment of limited capacity such as sills, lintels, coping, cornices, quoins, medallions, bollards, benches, planters, and pavers.

Category A1
Architectural Cladding and Load Bearing Units: Precast or precast / prestressed concrete building elements such as exterior cladding, load-bearing, and non-load-bearing wall panels, spandrels, beams, mullions, columns, column covers, and miscellaneous shapes.

Category C1
Precast Concrete Products: Mild steel-reinforced precast concrete elements including sheet piling, pile caps, piling, retaining wall elements, floor and roof slabs, joists, stairs, seating members columns, beams, walls, spandrels, etc.

Category C2
Prestressed Hollowcore and Repetitive Products: Standard shapes made in a repetitive process prestressed with straight strands.  Included are Hollowcore slabs, railroad ties, flat slabs, poles, and wall panels.

Category C3
Prestressed Straight Strand Structural Members: Includes stemmed members, beams, columns, joists, and seating members.

Category C4
Prestressed Deflected Strand Structural Members: Includes stemmed members, beams, and joists.

Group CA
Commercial Products with and Architectural Finish
These products are the same as those in the categories within Group C, but they are produced with an architectural finish.  They will have a form, machine or special finish.  To obtain this level the company must have Group A and Group C certifications.

PCI Certification is your assurance of confirmed capability, and a commitment to quality.

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